The History of A7


A7Red3DA7 was founded more than 20 years ago in 1995 near Daytona Beach, Florida, as a high-tech, creative, production firm originally known as A7 Multimedia. Founded by award-winning Creative Director, Patrick Shannon, A7 grew rapidly through the late ’90’s and somehow survived the painful “dot-com crash” of ’99 and 2000. As a multimedia firm, A7 was one of the earliest pioneers of the World Wide Web and served clients across the United States and in Europe with high-profile web design, e-commerce, promotional videos, custom database applications, multimedia CD-ROMs and touch-screen kiosks.

Enjoy a good laugh at this historical A7 video created in the late 1990s:

JAMFestMediaPlanToday, A7 combines a powerful background of major brand advertising expertise with a strong command of new, emerging technologies. A7 provides clients with superior firepower in today’s creative-technical marketing battlefield. From the latest in device-responsive web design with streaming media, to super-secure government and university solutions, A7 stays on top of the most advanced technologies to provide the most intuitive, aesthetic and competitive impact for the investment.

As an ad agency, A7 Advertising develops smart marketing and media plans that utilize the most cost-effective means to impact target audiences, from traditional print and broadcast campaigns, to intuitive websites, social media, email marketing, mobile applications, and 3D modeling, all produced in-house.

The bottom line is that, as your technology and marketing partner, A7 can do <em>anything</em> you have seen anywhere else.  And, we would be happy to match any other agency’s prices…but, we think you’ll like ours a lot better!