Why a WordPress Website is Wonderful!

netscape10A7 Advertising has always been on the leading edge of website development since the beginning of the World Wide Web in 1995!  Our first sites for our clients had to load fast in Netscape Navigator 1.0, on a dial-up modem, and yet look sharp and professional! This was a lot like building an aerodynamic, sleek-looking sports car…out of popsicle sticks!

However, as technology progressed with the “dot.com” rush of the 1990s, through the magical online databases era and the “e-commerce” 2000s, even up to the “video streaming” 2010s, A7 has been there all along.  We have always known about tomorrow’s technologies yesterday, and have continually had them ready to deploy for our clients before their competitors woke up in the morning.

Yet, with all of the fancy technologies that we could use to build the ultimate website from scratch, billing for dozens of hours, days and weeks, there is now a much better way to build current, professional websites economically and fast. So we are now recommending one particular platform more than any other these days for most of our business clients: WordPress.

WordPressImage7 Reasons Why a WordPress Website is Wonderful!

1. Editability. WordPress is essentially a content management system, or CMS, which does not require our clients to know HTML or any other code languages in order to edit, maintain and continually add to their website. There is also no limit to how many pages, posts, or products that can be added to a WordPress site, and every new addition will all automatically adhere the site’s global design theme and styles.

2. Plug-ins. There are thousands of WordPress “Plug-ins” or small applications that can be added to a site to provide specific functionality such as a calendar, or shopping cart system, or search engine optimization tools, just to name a few. Furthermore, most plug-ins are free or available for a very small fee ($19?). You can always add new functionality as new plug-ins are written for whatever current trend you need to exploit today, which, by the way, is “responsive” design that automatically adapts to tablets and smartphones.

3. Speed. WordPress is one of the fastest ways to build a website, saving thousands of dollars that used to pay programmers to sit and “string beads” of code.  Also, there are thousands of design “themes” available from which to choose, and from which we start and then customize the design to your absolute satisfaction. So we no longer need to pay expensive designer/programmers to labor for numerous weeks inventing and reinventing things like wheels.

4. Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key for being found on the web, and search engines LOVE WordPress. Every page is structured to accommodate the way search engines “crawl” sites, and there are intuitive SEO plugins which make it easy to optimize each page for certain focus keywords.

5. Ubiquity.  WordPress is everywhere so you never get trapped in a “cul-de-sac” of technologies and developers that you will have to entirely replace in order to evolve your site to the next iteration. You can find WordPress experts just about anywhere, that is if you haven’t become one already! WordPress is also updated automatically keeping every site at the most current level.

6. Security. WordPress is secure. Not only can you select usernames and passwords to be astronomically difficult to crack, there are even additional plug-ins for security for “bullet-proof” protection. Of the many hundreds of thousands of websites built on WordPress, a large percentage of them are offering secure financial transactions every day with high-level encryption to protect customer privacy and data. Admittedly, ironclad security is not automatic with every WordPress site unless some of these additional precautions are taken.

7. Freedom! Finally, WordPress is FREE which is hard to beat! Free doesn’t mean you don’t need a little help to create a smart, professional website. Imagine what Leonardo DaVinci could do with a FREE pen, compared to what you could do with one! But you really only need the initial set-up and design which is why we at A7 are always offering a very special deal on WordPress Websites!

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