New Logo Design – $790!

Brand Identity Design Package

Only $790!

Regularly $990.

Whether starting a new business or re-branding an old one, a professional designed brand identity, or logo design, will start your entire future off on the right foot.

Image is everything and judgments are made upon first impressions. This is why it is a must for any successful business to convey the desired psychological message with the fonts, shapes and colors of your company’s brand identity from the first time your audience sees it, to every time they engage with you fortifying the brand experience.

The word “branding” is defined a lot of different ways, depending on who defines it. Our definition is this:

Branding is… the sum of all emotional impressions that a person has had with an organization based on the entire history of the relationship including all advertising impressions, customer service, product value and price, and can often be summarized in one or two sentences that a patron says to their friend.

The Brand Identity Package includes:

  • Initial Design and Marketing Strategy Consultation
  • Preliminary Design Studies of various directions
  • Focused Design Studies on a chosen direction
  • Fine Tuning and Color Studies on a particular design
  • Finalization of a Brand ID design
  • Creation of final digital artwork in several file formats.
  • Creation of a Brand Standards Guide with exact specifications of fonts, colors, spacing, etc.

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Available Add Ons

(Quoted separately)

  • New Business Card design and artwork
  • New Signage design and specifications with your new brand ID
  • Market Positioning Statement, or slogan
  • Any other materials to be produced with your new brand ID

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