New Rebranding Package

Look Good, Do Well.

A rebranding (or startup) package including your new logo, a web site, new business cards, and rack cards, created by your new ad agency! A $3990 package for only $1999.  That’s the ad we’re running out there, and we’re sticking to it.

Most folks in business know the importance of looking good in order to do well and be successful. This is why the leading brand companies in the world are so heavily invested in market research and development to create the perfect brand logo, colors and designs of their products to produce the exact intended feelings that they want to convey about their brand to their target audience. After all, good branding includes everything to do with the entire relationship between you and your customer—from their first impression of you, to the continued standard of repeat service and the perceived value of what they get. This is why we’ve created this package of brand essentials to set you off and running with a solid foundation of psychological craftsmanship and major brand marketing expertise. Everything you’d expect from your new agency.

Here’s exactly what’s included:

New Logo

We have a discussion with you to understand what you are trying to do with this rebranding or startup. We ask a little about your target market and your competition, and within a week we present at least several different “directions” in the form of some initial concepts based on your strategic objectives. Of course, we are relying on our decades of experience in brand design, suggesting certain colors or design elements and explaining our reasoning. After we hear what you like or don’t like, we continue developing a new batch of designs down your preferred direction. By this time, we’re getting close to a solution. Usually after one or two more rounds of fine-tuning and looking at slight variations, we arrive at what we all agree is the perfect brand ID! Then we create a number of different files for different uses and make a brief Brand Standards Guide explaining everything from exact colors to how your logo can and cannot be used.

Web Site

We try not to put too many specific parameters on this so that we’re approaching every project from outside the box trying to envision the optimal solution. We always recommend a WordPress site and content management system because this is the industry best practice for non-technical clients and their personnel to be able to manage and edit the website in-house. You are also not locked in to us, or any proprietary systems, in any way, because we don’t believe in that. It’s not how we would like to be treated. As for general parameters of what we have in mind, see our WordPress Website Package for more details. But if we have to go a little further in one direction or another to make the perfect site, we do. Of course, if you just point to a site like Amazon, Ebay, or YouTube, and say, “I want THAT,” well then, we’re going to have to have a little talk—especially about our stock position with the IPO!

Business Cards

Based on your new brand ID design, graphic elements, and colors, we submit some suggested designs for your new business cards and create the artwork for what will make you proud when you hand someone your card. Oh, we’ll get your first batch printed. Nicely. We’ll even do this for a few key people. If you really need to print cards for a lot more people, we can make it very affordable. Like for less than you can get them anywhere else.

Rack Cards

There is probably no better way to introduce your company, briefly tell your story, and showcase an overview of your products with a single economical piece than with a rack card. At 4 inches by 9 inches, they fit easily into a jacket pocket, and invite your prospects to take the next step such as visiting your website for more information. We’ll work with you to develop the creative strategy and the perfect message that will be the DNA of your pitch for most of your future communications. Plus, we’ll print your first batch of 1000 using a high-quality, coated gloss stock, and full color on both sides to make a solid first impression.

Let’s Get Started!

Click here to contact us now to start the process of developing your new brand. We’ll have a quick chat and send you an Authorization to sign, and request the first installment to get started. Before long, you will look as good or better than anyone else in your industry, which will be a whole new beginning in your rise to success!